1983 Company established

1989 Acquired FCC US Official Standards

1990 Acquired NSC Australian Measuring Verification Standards Assigned as a National Verification and Correction Facility (177)

1991 Acquired NBS US Measuring Verification Standards Approved by NTEP & UL, US Safety Standards

1992 Developed strain gage l Established CAS USA Developed the first label printer in the Korean market

1993 Established CAS Turkey l Approved by CSA (Canada)

1994 Established CAS Russia Acquired the first OIML, EU Standards

1995 Established CAS China Established Shanghai factory in China

1996 Acquired the first ISO 9001 in the Korean weighing industry

1997 Established CAS TSC (service center) in Russia

1998 Established CAS India Acquired EC Self-Verification Certification

1999 Awarded the Best Certification Company by ISO9000

2000 Awarded the Best Certification Company by ISO9000 for two consecutive years

2001 Awarded the best prize for Precision technology Acquired Japanese NMIJ Standards Certification Established CAS New Zealand

2002 Awarded the Best Global Company by Japanese Management Association Established CAS Deutschland l Established CAS Poland Awarded Russia Golden Balance 2002

2003 CAS Europe Tour

2004 Established CAS Australia l Established Vietnam

2005 Granted 3 billion dollar export Tower from the government Established Bangladesh

2006 The first CAS Global Business Conference in Korea

2007 The second CAS Global Business Conference in Korea Awarded the Global Star prize Awarded the Techno CEO prize

2008 The third CAS Global Business Conference in Korea Acquired certificate of quality control system of medical instrument Selected as a electric scale providing company in Chinese standardized market

2009 Fourth CAS Global Business Conference in Korea

2010 Established CAS Nicaragua Established CAS Bangladesh Chittagong Service center/office

2011 Established CAS Vietnam Hanoi Acquired as Self-National verification & correction Facility from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards

2012 Established CAS Bangladesh Khulna Service center/office

2013 Established CAS Bangladesh Bogra Service center/office

Total Weighing Solution

The ultimate goal of CAS Total Weighing Solution is finding the core value of customer’s business. Through analyzing their business operation and offering the most reliable solution, CAS can lead customers to meet their expectation.